Lissa isn’t your average seventeen year old to begin with. Raised isolated in a hidden lab, she has been genetically manipulated and given the Lux Marker, an adaptation that allows her to control energy and matter. And she isn’t the only one.

Connor has it all; he’s famous, good looking, and rich, and he would trade it all in a heartbeat. At least that’s when he thinks until he does just that, giving himself over to the wrong side in return for what he thinks is freedom.

Hikari never wanted to be part of the system, but she never expected to be on the run from it, either. When she discovers her congressman father is taking part in a plot to kill innocent people, she pulls a team together from the geek squad at her high school in order to break into his office. However, once they hack into his top secret files, they get way more than they bargained for.

Now, as America falls and everything they know and love is destroyed, they will have to come to terms with what they are and build an army to fight for everything they have left…

Because time is running out.

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